POWER GENES™: the new genetic test for sport and fitness.

Muscle recovery capability, endurance, mass and susceptibility to muscle injury are some of the information in our DNA. Power Genes reads DNA to obtain scientific data on how body responds to sport activity. With this information, you can fully customize and calibrate the training program to the specific characteristics of each person to perfection.

Sports passionates of all levels and personal trainers will only have to read the report and decide how to make the most of the precious information received to maximize effectiveness and training results.

The test is performed by professionals scientists in referenced genetics laboratories. Labs analyze a pool of markers developed by OaCP and researchers at the University of Bologna as the result of direct scientific research based on international databases.

The reports are structured in such a way to provide clear and specific indication, aimed at optimizing training programs for recovery, maintenance or strengthening.

Power Genes

Power Genes is already enriching with new research to increase the number and type of markers analyzed, to give more and more indications to sports lovers and professionals athletes.

Power Genes offers a combined analysis of specific genes involved in different biological functions and characteristics such as:

  • metabolism, to assess the predisposition to fat mass;
  • muscle strength, to assess the predisposition to a particular type of training;
  • strengthening resistance or developing power;
  • composition of muscle tissue, which allows to obtain a prediction of both physiological adaptation to training and mass development;
  • muscle density, which allows to provide an overview of biological factors considered protective from the risk of injuries and an indication aimed at contrasting muscle decay.

For ethical reasons no genetic marker is associated with any disease known at the moment.

The mission of Power Genes consists in providing valid scientific data to guide training on the basis of the great genetic variability present in multiple biological aspects. In other words, Power Genes aims to help professional athletes, amateurs, coaches, personal trainers, athletic trainers, but also physiotherapists and anyone working on improving fitness, customizing the program to the maximum and getting the top performance by using the individual genetic characteristics.

Starting from a very simple mouth swab inside the kit, Power Genes reveals the personal genetic mapping exclusively through the most recent markers confirmed in multiple studies and published in scientific literature.

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