The definition of Physical Training according to the Oxford dictionaries is: The systematic use of exercises to promote bodily fitness and strength.

Almost all of us experienced gyms, gym equipments or internet tutorial that shown fabulous effect on the athletes bodies.

As the same, almost everyone of us know people that can run a marathon very easily or can growth their muscle mass without too many efforts.

We also know people that need to exercise more than frequently due to a fast fat mass increase while stop moving.

The above are daily experiences of all of us and almost all of us are asking: Why I cannot obtain the same exercise results despite the same training program and diet? Which is the reason behind his muscle mass or her resistance?

We have the response:

It is DNA, it is POWER GENES.

As the same as the color of our eyes, of our hairs or of our skin, all of our capabilities are programmed in our DNA.

With POWER GENES you can discover the features hidden in your DNA.

From your side, you have only to fill a web form, brush your mouth for 30 second, label the brush tube and send to us.

From our side, we put years of scientific researches and analysis performed at the Bologna University together with the last technologies in the DNA analysis and our passion in providing a clear and useful report to you and your trainer or sport club.

Power Genes